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Boo Basket

                                          How to Create a Boo Basket for Halloween Do you do Boo Baskets for your littles? I saw this idea last year and thought I needed to give it a try! * This post contains affiliate links to some of the products that I use and love. This means that if you shop directly through the links, your purchase supports my blog at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!   Anytime in October is a great time to give a Boo Basket. I plan to surprise my little ones with their Boo Baskets on October 1. I love the excitement that these baskets bring. It's a perfect way to spread Halloween cheer. Celebrating the holidays with my little ones is one of my favorite things. I will be sharing more of the Boo Baskets on my Instagram ( @marrisalutz ) you can follow along on the fun in my stories. I'll be sure to save a Boo Basket highlight.  Boo Baskets are what you make them. They do NOT need to be over the top, unless that is what you want. We live

Stay at Home Mom

Stay at Home Mom

Some of the things I've heard personally or thought before I became a stay at home mom:
"You're so lucky!" 
"What do you do with all your free time?"
"You must get so much sleep."
"I wish I could lounge around in sweatpants/leggings all day."
"Your house must be so clean."

Only one of these sayings I can even come close to agreeing with, "You're so lucky." I do feel fortunate to stay home with my daughter. I know not everyone is able to do so. I enjoy our time together and I wouldn't change it for the world. But, it hasn't been easy! Staying home and being a mom has been a huge adjustment for me. I do miss my work, adult interactions, my friends, and my personal life.

Staying home is not even close to what I imagined it being like. I thought it would be much easier. For starters, I did think my house would be immaculate...not so much. It is still clean, but I envisioned this intricate cleaning schedule that included carpet cleaning twice a month. I over shot a bit! There is defiantly not enough time in the day to get everything done. My daughter has started taking two, one hour naps a day. This has helped my sanity! For the last month or so she has been consistent on her one hour nap. This is my time to cleanup, do laundry, shower, or have a minute to myself.   

I have found that having a schedule has helped me be a better mom and makes me feel better mentally. I feel that I thrive on structure. Maybe it was the three years as a kindergarten teacher. I have found that a routine helps the day have a positive flow. No, not everyday is perfect. Sometimes our schedule get's out of rhythm, but we try to stick close to our schedule. I have a routine/schedule for cleaning, the day, and fitness. 

Before Maci was born I knew I was going to be staying home with her. Like many others I thought stay at home moms had all this extra time on their hands, so I created an extreme cleaning schedule. I have found that there is never enough time in the day to get everything I need done and that some days are more difficult than others. I had to modify my schedule to be more realistic. This might work for you or you might have to modify it to fit your needs, but here is a place to start if you're lost like I was. 

Cleaning Schedule:
*I do laundry usually everyday, and I try to carpet clean every 3-4 months
Monday: Deep clean both bathrooms and mop all the floors
Tuesday: Deep clean Kitchen
Wednesday: Vacuum
Thursday: Clean what needs to be cleaned
Friday:Clean what needs to be cleaned 
Saturday: Vacuum
Sunday: Wash all of Mike's workout clothes and clean what needs to be cleaned

I use Grove products for almost all of my cleaning supplies. All of their products are natural and clean. They have so many cool products! 

Each morning I get up around 5:30/6 am. As soon as I wakeup I like to drink a full glass of water and make the bed. I never drink enough water, so I have been really trying to start my day by refreshing my body. Seeing my bed made makes me happy, it is also less likely for me to want to climb back into bed if it's made. Maci has been getting up around 6 am. I nurse her and then play with her for a few minutes in her room. Because the virus/pandemic, my husband is not able to go to the gym in the mornings. Instead he watches Maci after I have nursed her and I get to workout. In the beginning it was difficult to get in a rhythm, but now I'm in my groove and it feels great.

Morining Routine:
Start Times        Activity
5:30/6:00 am - Wakeup, drink a glass of water, Make the bed
6:00/6:30 am - Nurse Maci, change her, and then play in her room for a few minutes
6:30/7:00 am - Workout for 30 minutes to an hour, shower/get ready
8:00 am - We eat breakfast with Maci
8:30/9:00 am - Play with Maci
9:30/10 am - Maci's Nap time, she will sleep for about an hour

Something that has really helped me overall is adding a fitness routine into my schedule. I need to complete it in the morning or else I'm too tired by the end of the day. It helps me jumpstart my day. I have a Fitbit watch that has exercises on the watch. To warm up I complete the 5 minute, 7 minute, or 10 minute workout. Then I will complete some stretching exercises and my workout from my BodyBoss workbook. I don't know what workouts to do, so for me it is easy to have a plan in front of me. I also go on a lot of bike rides and walks. 

I have now been on this routine for over a month and I feel great! These ideas might help you or you may need to change things up a bit. I feel for you, mama!  Just know that you are what is best for your baby and you can do this! If you are a stay at home mom and/or you know a stay at home mom, please be kind. We are doing our best and it is not all fun and game, I promise! I have had many down days and it helped me to know I could try again tomorrow, not everything needs to get done today, it's okay if things are a little messy, and you are a super woman!

Let me know if you try anything out I suggested or if you have any ideas for me : )




  1. You are so blessed to be able to live your child's life with them. I hope one day I can do the same.

  2. I loved having a moms group to go to every week. It gave me something to look forward to that was both good for the baby and my sanity :) one was a infant “class” for new moms and one was a Bootcamp outside exercise program.

  3. You are so right! I thought being a stay at home mom was the best thing in the world! I've been a stay at home mom on and off for 7 years. Let me tell you it was so much easier with two kids than it is with 4 or even when I just had one. You have a great schedule trying to find mine has been tough as it's been a while since I've been home all day eventually I'll get there. Thank you for the starting point examples!

  4. this is so interesting! like you mentioned people at first simplify the whole idea of staying at home with your kids but of course theres so much more to it.

  5. I always found it difficult to stick to a routine. Since lockdown through I’ve found a routine that is working for me now xx

  6. I'm not a stay at home mom but I only work four days and have one full day home plus weekends. That one weekday can be so hectic with two young children. If I don't have a schedule the day just goes by too fast and nothing gets done. Thanks for the tips and ideas!

  7. You have such a busy schedule! Kudos to you for doing so much in such a little amount of time. I don't have a child of my own but I have great respect for all the sacrifices you've made to be at home with your daughter all day and all the million little things people probably don't even notice that you do. It sounds like you and your family are surviving this quarantine as best as you can! Thank you for sharing this.


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