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Boo Basket

                                          How to Create a Boo Basket for Halloween Do you do Boo Baskets for your littles? I saw this idea last year and thought I needed to give it a try! * This post contains affiliate links to some of the products that I use and love. This means that if you shop directly through the links, your purchase supports my blog at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!   Anytime in October is a great time to give a Boo Basket. I plan to surprise my little ones with their Boo Baskets on October 1. I love the excitement that these baskets bring. It's a perfect way to spread Halloween cheer. Celebrating the holidays with my little ones is one of my favorite things. I will be sharing more of the Boo Baskets on my Instagram ( @marrisalutz ) you can follow along on the fun in my stories. I'll be sure to save a Boo Basket highlight.  Boo Baskets are what you make them. They do NOT need to be over the top, unless that is what you want. We live

LikeToKnowIt, What is it and How Do I Use it?

Like To Know It, What is it & How to Use it

Like to Know It is one of the most amazing inventions! If you like shopping like it do, you're sure to love it! Many of you have asked me for some more information on what Like to Know It is, and how it works. Bloggers, like myself, want to know how to use it. I am going to do my best to answer the questions you have and to explain how this app/site can benefit you and myself. 

For All My Non-Bloggers:

Like To Know It was developed by the company, RewardStyle. They made it possible for bloggers , like me, to make a commission from sales of products that they post. Like To Know It benefits you, because it is here to save you time and most importantly money! From this app or through their website you can shop your favorite bloggers look and/or favorite items. This is also an easy way for you to shop via Instagram. 

If you are following me on Instagramyou have probably seen me tagging @liketoknowit and using the hashtag #LTKIT in my captions. You will see these captions on photo's with a little white or black heart at the bottom right corner. By doing this, my photo's are enabled to work through the Like To Know It app. All you have to do is screenshot the photo and you can shop my photo through the LTKIT app. 

How to Register:

1. Go to www.liketoknowit.  (watch the tutorial video that pops up)

2. Register (its easy &  free)

*Save yourself some time and money by registering today! (I recommend doing it before July 19, hint. Sale)

It's as simple as that! Once you are registered you can start shopping. This can be done through the LTK app, the LTK website, and/or Instagram. If are on Instagram  you can shop by looking up different LTK hashtags like, #LTK, #LTKIT, #LikeToKnowIt, #LikeToKnowItFindsUnder100, etc. If the exact item is not linked, it is because the store doesn’t work with RewardStyle or it may be out of stock. You can usually direct message the person and/or check their blog. They might have a link to the item on their blog or if you message them they can tell you where to find the item. Usually, I will explain why an item isn't listed. When on LTK you can keep track of everything you have liked under the ‘My Likes’ tab. This makes it easier to get the best deals. I will save items that I like over time and wait for deals. 

How to Start Using Like To Know It For Bloggers:

Many of you have asked me how to apply for a Like To Know It influencer account. For me it was not simple. In order to have all these great features that Like To Know It offers, you have to be approved by RewardStyle. This can take some time and work.

Before you apply, you should make sure that you have your Instagram posts in order. By that I mean you need to be posting quality photo's often, really daily. I think having a great following helps, but it is not the only thing that you need. I had a little over a 1,000 followers when I was accepted. When posting photo's I made sure the lighting was good and the background wasn't cluttered. Outside photos, photo's with a simple background, mirror selfies (with good lighting), and flat lays are some good options for your photo selection. I also use the Lightroom app to edit my photos. You can buy presets on their, but I have been using the free ones on the app and adjusting the photos to my liking. 

When you apply on the RewardStyle website you will provide them with some information about your blog, Instagram, and demographics. You will receive an email after some time (sometimes a week to a few months) telling you if you have been accepted or not. If you don't get accepted the first time, its okay! Like I said before, it took me a few times to be accepted. I just kept working on my content and kept applying.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer about the Like To Know It app. I will try to keep this post updated as often as I can as things will change occasionally.


Now that I have explained more about the app and website I want to talk about something very exciting! Like To Know It Day! What is Like To Know It (LTK) Day?

LTK Day is RewardStyle’s biggest shopping event to date. Think Amazon Prime Day, but way better! This day gives you access to shop summer’s best sales from favorite brands, exclusively in the Like To Know It app. The 6 million registered customers will have access to exclusive discounts and promo codes for one day only!

This year, LTK Day is July 19th, mark your calendars! Every LTK post from your favorite influencers that are of participating retailer’s product will be marked with a red ‘LTKDay’ tag. When you click on the product(s) additional details will pull up with the unique LTK Day offer, sometimes along with promo codes. Simply paste the promo code while checking out to take advantage of the ongoing sale. 

I will up date this post with more information as I receive it. You can subscribe to my blog to receive updates. Also, f
ollow me on the LikeToKnowIt app and Instagram to stay up to date on sales.

Happy Shopping!



Here are the brands with the discounts that will be given. 


  1. i didn't understand LTKIT until now, but this has been so informative, i think i will pop over and make an account, thanks!!

  2. I never really understood Like to Know It, but your post has helped me tremendously! Thanks for the great information and tips on how to use this app.

  3. I had not idea about it. But with post, get a lot info. Thanks for sharing.

  4. LTK is one of my favorite platforms! I'm so glad to be a part of it.


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