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Coco Village's Huge VIP Black Friday Sale

Coco Village's Huge VIP Black Friday Sale * This post contains affiliate links to some of the products that I use and love. This means that if you shop directly through the links, your purchase supports my blog at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!   Are you looking for a quality holiday toy for a little one? Checkout Coco Village . Here is their Instagram page. They have something for babies all the way to adults. We discovered Coco Village about 2 years ago when I was searching for a birthday present for my daughter’s first birthday. I saw a post for a Coco Village kitchen bundle and I bought it. I’m so glad I did, because my daughter has loved playing with it. To date it is her favorite toy to play with and I love how it inspires her imagination.                    Coco Village gifted us these fire station toys. I love that these items are high quality, so I know that they will last for the years to come. They are high quality wooden toys. These toys ar

8 Maternity Must Haves


 8 Maternity Must Haves

*This post contains affiliate links to some of the products that I use and love. This means that if you shop directly through the links, your purchase supports my blog at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

This is my second pregnancy. I have thought about items that I have really appreciated and made a list of my favorite maternity must haves for all of you pregnant mamas. Every pregnancy varies person to person, but here is a great starting point.

Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamin's are a must! My doctor suggested that I start taking them before I conceived. With my first pregnancy I started taking them shortly before I got pregnant. With this pregnancy I was still taking them from when I started the first time.

For me I need a gummy vitamin. I know that is not the case for everyone. My first pregnancy I took Vitafusion Prenatal DHA & Folic Acid Gummy Vitamins. With this pregnancy I am taking Hello Bello's Prenatal + DHA Gummy Vitamins. I buy my daughter's diapers from Hello Bello, so I just add the vitamins to my order when I need them. They are inexpensive and taste so good! If you use my link for Hello Bello you will receive $15 off of your first order. They have the cutest diapers and the best add ons (lotions, body wash, hand sanitizer, vitamins, and more).

Maternity Underwear

With my first pregnancy I waited until I was almost 30 weeks pregnant to buy maternity underwear. I just didn't think I would need them. Let me tell you, when I put on my first pair it was heaven! With this pregnancy I brought out all my maternity clothes at 12 weeks and it has been so much more comfortable this time around. Here are my favorite pairs of maternity underwear.

Maternity Closet Staples

I thought once I was pregnant that I would have to get a complete new wardrobe and that isn't entirely true. While you will need a few closet staples you can still wear normal clothes that are bump friendly. For me these are the items I really needed: a few pairs of black leggings (I live in these basically), comfy pants and jeans, nursing bra (SOMA's Wireless one is my favorite), basic maternity tanks (white, tan, grey, and black), basic maternity short sleeve tee's and long sleeve tee's, maternity dress, maternity pajamas, and a maternity swimsuit. You may need some maternity shorts if you are in a warmer climate and/or you are pregnant in the summer. Here are some of my favorite maternity shops: Old NavyMotherhood MaternityH&M, and PinkBlush.

Aluminum Free Deodorant

 Natural deodorant is something that is really important to me especially being pregnant and when nursing. I went through four different brands of natural deodorant before finding Native. They have a variety of products available for men and women. Both my husband and I use their deodorant. If you use my link you can get a free mini deodorant with your first order. My favorite scents so far are coconut, orange musk, and peppermint. 

Pregnancy Book

I have two pregnancy books. One of them my doctor's office gave me and the other I purchased. Both are good, but I really like the What to Expect When You're Expecting book. I also have the, What to Expect the First Year that I found helpful for when baby arrived.

Pregnancy Journal

With my first I used a specific pregnancy journal that you were able to write down weekly and there were different writing prompts. With this pregnancy I ordered a Promptly Journal that covers pregnancy to age 18. I purchased another one of these journals for my first, because I thought it was so cool! 

For my first and for this baby I have two blank journals with no writing prompts. I write special memories in them and then attach a small photo to go along with what I write. I bought a Sprocket, which allows you to print photos from your phone and the paper the printer prints the photos on has a sticky backing so you are able to stick it on something if you would like. 

Maternity Pillow

I have a straight body pillow and a specific maternity pillow. I like them both, but I seem to use the straight body pillow the most. The maternity pillow is a little bulky, but it will be more comfortable as I am further along in my pregnancy. I did not think I would need a special pillow when being pregnant, but for me it was a total game changer!


I have heard that stretch marks are genetic, so there really isn't any benefit to buying any special creams. With that being said, I put on a good moisturizer daily. If my skin is feeling extra dry I use a balm like Aquaphor. This is also what I put on my daughter every time after she bathes. If I am not feeling dry I will use Aveeno Sensitive Lotion. I have extremely sensitive skin and these products are what work for me. 

Every pregnancy is different, but I hope you were able to find some products that work for you! Share any of your must haves with me. 

Thank you for stopping by!



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